WebEditor 8, Version or older, project destroyed if the function scope is set to ‘project’

FAQ #101825

On WebEditor 8 with version or older it possible to destroy the web project in that way, that’s no more possible to open the project.


During the opening of the WebEditor 8 project the following error message is displayed:
‘Object reference not set to an instance of an project'
‘Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt'

Reason of the error:
If a WebEditor5 project is imported and if on this project there where some function's then this function's are displayed in the function editor of WebEditor8 as function "write source to.."
[means the function which are selectable in the function editor as ‘advanced' functions].

If now this function is set to the scope "project" then it's no more possible to re-open the web-editor project a second time and the WebEditor8 project is destroyed and it's no more possible to re-use the project.

The same behavior does occur if a function on the WebEdtior8 does include an ‘advanced' function and if this function is set to the scope "project".

Possible solutions:
- Use a WebEditor8 version >
- Do not set the function scope to ‘project' if the function does include ‘advanced' functions
- if you need to set the function scope to ‘project' the use the ‘standard' functions instead 
  to use the ‘advanced' functions on the WebEdtior8.



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