New FBox in the library SfupBase V2.7.100, it allows the use of PWM outputs of the: PCD1.M2020, PCD1.M2110R1 (PCD1.Room) and PCD1.M0160, E0 (E-Controller)

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The library SfupBase V2.7.100  has been expanded.

From version  V2.7.100 we can use the PWM outputs of the following controllers:

  • PCD1.M2020

  • PCD1.M2110R1 (PCD1.Room)

  • PCD1.M0160E0 (E-Controller)

The FBox that allow this is the FBox: PWM PCD1.M0xxx/M2xxx


This library is only available for PG5.2.0 To install it, please go to our support page:



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