SWeb Alarming is not supported on Smart-RIO PCD3.T665 / PCD3.T666

FAQ #101803

The Ethernet Smart-RIO devices PCD3.T665 and PCD3.T666 can execute a user program.

It's also possible to make small webeditor projects on this devices.

But it is not possible to use the Alarming feature (Alarming Macro and the associated FBoxes) because the firmware of the Smart-RIO don't support this feature.


In case that Alarming FBoxes are placed in a Fupla-File of a Ethernet Smart-RIO device PCD3.T665 or PCD3.T666, then
there will be no error message shown on PG5 during the build of the project.
But after the download of the project to the Smart Automation Manager there will be an 
invalid configuration on the Smart-RIO and the Status-LED on the PCD3.T665/T666 will blink Red/Green and the program on the Smart-RIO will not be executed.



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