Why can't I re-open the Device Configurator on PG5 2.0.220?

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In PG5 2.0.220, there's a constellation that leads to the fact that you are not able anymore to re-open the Device Configurator. We found this constellation on a very few Windows XP and Windows 7 computers installation. It's always related to the computer itself and not to a specific PG5 project.


It's not possible to re-open the Device Configurator a second time.
If for example the Device Configurator was open and closed and after this Fupla was open, and then the Device Configurator should be re-open again, then this will not work.
Closing PG5 2.0 and re-open it doesn't help. From the Windows File Browser, it's still possible to open the Device Configurator. But not from PG5 Project Manager. To re-open the Device Configurator it's necessary to restart the PC.

The Device Configurator task 'SDevConf52.exe' is still running.

Until we'll have a Software patch that correct this bug, you'll have to kill the task 'SDevConf52.exe' in the Windows Task Manager before you can re-open the Device Configurator or you have to restart the PC.



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