Disappeared Windows of FBox Builder

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In case any of the dockable FBox Builder windows (e.g. Message Window) is not visible anymore, although its visibility state is switched to on, deleting the file FBE.saiaopt will solve the problem.


One or more dockable windows of the FBox Builder are not visible anymore, although they are activated in the View menu or via toolbar.

Possible reason:
Its not completely clear when and why this happens, but it has most likely someting to do with a crash of the FBox Builder during the work within a multi-screen enviroment.

While its possible to edit the file FBE.saiaopt with a plain-text editor (such as Notepad), it may be difficult to find out the proper line(s) to edit. Thats why it is recommended simply to delete the whole file. Please note that the FBox Builder must not be running when FBE.saiaopt is edited or deleted! Be also aware that all individual settings (e.g. User Prefix, Project Directory, configured tools, etc.) are lost when FBE.saiaopt is deleted.



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