On PG5 2.0.220 the Fupla page content is overwritten when dragging it with the Mouse.

FAQ #101764


If the user wants to change the page order of Fupla pages in the page navigator of Fupla, then it’s possible to move a Fupla page with the mouse (drag and drop) or it’s possible to do it with the help of the context menu.

When moving a Fupla page by dragging/dropping it with the help of the mouse, then the content of the target page will be overwritten with the content of the dragged page.

This error occurs only on PG5 2.0.220.

When moving the Fupla page with the help of the context menu, means right mous click, Move Up, or Down, then the page is moved correctly, and the content too.

This FAQ will be update as soon as we have fixed the problem.



PG5 2.0 / Fupla

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