Is it possible to create a restricted access to the PCD FTP-Server?

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Yes, it is possible!

In order to limit the access right to a final customer it may be useful to create a restricted access to the FTP server of the PCD.


With the help of the PG5 2.0 Device Configurator it's possible to create up to 10 different FTP users:

The PG5 Device Configurator allows to define for each FTP user a username and a password.
Each of the 10 FTP users belongs to a group (relevant for accessing the files on the PCD file system).
5 FTP groups are available, group 1 to 4 and Web group.
Each FTP user has read/write access to every files and directories created by FTP users that are member of the same FTP group.


·The default FTP username 'root', with the password 'rootpasswd', exists by default on each device. It allows the access to all directories and files. This default password can be overwritten using this dialog box. To remove this default user, set the 'Remove Default User' property, defined in the 'FTP Server' category to 'Yes'.
It is strongly recommended removing the Default User in order to avoid access to the PCD by everyone (who knows about the default user).



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