Diagnostic flag from SMART RIO is high for a short time after a program download

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After downloading the program into the manager CPU, the diagnostic Flag of the Smart RIO connected to the master CPU will be high during a short period of time, approx 0,5 second. This is not an error, it's implemented like this. 
The RIO-diagnostic flag in the user program of the manager has to be ignored during some seconds after a restart of the manager.
This can be done very easily with the help of the F-Box start delay.

After downloading the program into the manager, the RIO’s are configured again.
During the time of the configuration there is no data transfer between the manager and the RIO's.
All RIO’s are re-configured when downloading a program to manager, doing a re-start of the manager with the Run/Stop switch or from the PG5 and this is independent if the configuration has changed or not.
During the time of the configuration, the diagnostic flag of the RIO is active (because the RIO does not know that the program is being charged into the master) and the Diagnostic Flag of the RIO is "1" in the manager



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