Does the display of a PCS1.Cxxx or a PCD7.D23x support Cyrillic?

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The text terminals PCD7.D23x do support the Cyrillic alphabet starting with firmware version 040 while the display mounted on the PCS1 does not support Cyrillic.


Minimal hardware and firmware
The usage of Cyrillic characters require the following (or later) versions

  • PCD7.D23x
    Hardware version "F" and firmware version "040" on the PCD7.D23x. Systems with older hardware or firmware can not be updated (because the CPU mounted does not support the extended functionality).
  • PCS1.Cxxx
    The text terminal mounted on a PCD1.Cx does not support the Cyrillic alphabet because the processor installed does not support it. At the moment there are no intentions to add support for Cyrillic for the text terminals of the PCS1.


  • In case Cyrillic is required in combination with a PCS it is recommended using the PCD7.D23x which can be connected to PCS systems without an internal display.
  • Please note that together with the HMI Editor an additional tool to change the Windows® ANSI code page is required for realizing the PG5 project for Cyrillic characters on a PCD7.D23x.



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