What are the differences between Visi.Plus version and

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This FAQ lists the main differences between the Visi.Plus version and


Version (January 2012)

  • Improvements
      A user must now by default login before being able to quit alarms
    - PCHART£
      The filter dialog is now available also in the curve definition dialogue
      via new filter button
  • Corrections
    - LOGGER
      The location of the configuration file will be not deleted or set to the
      default anymore (if customized)
    - PWEB 
      Chinese characters (Simplified Chinese font) are now correctly displayed
      (sometimes actual alaram were not displayed because the alarm filter
      was not correctly initialized)
      Telegram losses and read errors due to large request are now avoided
      (the socket could get blocked in previous versions)



PG5 2.0 / Visi.Plus

Software (except PG5) / Visi.Plus

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