Why can't I read data from a CALEC aquametro energy master device?

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In order to read data from "CALEC aquameter energy master" devices using the F27x modules (except PCD2.F2700 or PCD3.F270) the M-Bus FBox library 2.6.117 or later is required.


When trying to read data from a "CALEC aquametro energy master" device using e.g. a PCD3.F271 and the M-Bus FBox library (older than version 2.6.117) from Engiby a timeout is the result. This is only the case with the aquametro device, other M-Bus devices can be read correctly.

The Engiby M-Bus FBox library (older than version 2.6.117) does not read correctly from the CALEC device if the framing protocol (used for the modules PCD2.F2710 or a PCD3.F271) is configured. On the other hand data are read correctly if the character mode is configured with an F270(0) (to be selected with "RS 485/F270" as Serial line type in the M-Bus driver FBox).


  • Update your M-Bus library to version 2.6.117 or later (please request the library directly from Engiby)
  • If it is not possible updating the FBox library it is also possible accessing the "CALEC aquametro" using a  PCD3.F270 (or a PCD2.F2700) and configure it to use the character mode (see screenshot below) in the FBox "MBus Driver":


PCD2 / Fxxx

PCD3 / Fxxx

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