Why did some FBox disappear on installation of PG5 2.0.210?

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Depending on the standard language configured on the PC some FBoxes are missing in the FBox selector when using PG5 2.0.210.


When using PG5 2.0.210 it is possible that one or a part of the FBox are missing (no longer visible in the FBox selector). It is possible that the FBoxes were available in a previous version of PG5 2.0.

This problem is related to the language setting of the computer. It occurs when using a language who is not a "standard" language of the FBox. The "standard" languages are EN, FR, DE, IT.

As workaround you have to set a "standard" language on your computer. You can find this setting in the Control Panel under the menu Regional and Language.

This problem will be solved in the next version of PG5 2.0.



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