Why are all the groups and priorities of my "Alarming 2" feature displayed with "0"?

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The "Alarming 2" feature comes along with some new functionalities as for example alarms in groups and priorities. But, this groups and priorities are not correctly displayed using the Alarming v2.6.166 FBox Library.


Groups and priorities of the alarms in "Alarming 2" feature are all set to "0".
There's a bug in the actual FBox Library "Alarming v2.6.166".
If you don't enable the Eventlist functionality in the "Alarm2 SWeb" FBox, your "Alarming 2" alarmlist will behave like a traditional "Alarming 1" alarmlist. This means, it'll not care about the group- and priority-definitions. A "0" is indicated for groups and priorities instead of the real numbers.

Until a new version of the FBox Library will correct this issue and if you want to use the "Alarming 2" feature without implementing an Eventlist, you can apply following workaround:
- enable the Eventlist in the "Alarm2 SWeb" FBox
- minimize the generation of creating Event-files my choosing to create a file only each month
- but anyway, you'll have to specify a Flash file system for the logs
- clear to "0" all the alarms in the Eventlist-columns of your Alarming Configuration file.



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