How to change the "Listener Port" of the Web Server of the Energy Manager?

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Sometimes it is needed to change the listener port of a web server. If this is required for an Energy Manager (PCD7.D4xxE), e.g. in case a port forwarding on a router is to be configured, this can be realized by the use of a configuration file.


A port forwarding needs to be configured on a router without port translation, then the webservers listener port has to be changed according to the port forwarding on the router.

We recommend changing only the second listener port of the web server on the Energy Manger, otherwise the Energy Manager doesn't find his own web project. This can be done by loading a "WEBSocketConfig.txt" file into the folder "INTFLASH/CONFIG" of the Enegy Manager's file system.

See the attached file for an example configuration file.

For old firmware versions change "CmdPort" to "PrioPort"



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