When should I use the new "Alarming 2" feature in Fupla and WebEditor?

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There's a new S-Web Alarming functionality available in Fupla and the S-Web Editor 5.15.02. It's called "Alarming 2". This new feature adds functionality but is more complex to use. Therefore it should only be used in case this new functionality is explicitely required.


The "Alarming 2" feature is available for conditional use for customers that absolutely need the new features listed below:

  • Event handling
  • Short and long alarm texts
  • Alarm texts on 2 lines
  • Alarm texts in short and detailled form
  • Alarm help texts
  • Alarms in groups and priorities
  • "Alarming 2" isn't yet an automatic progress. There are some steps to be done by manually by the user.

You'll find a "User Quick-Guide", a Demo-Project and template files to startup your first project using these features. These files are stored in the folder "Alarming 2 documentation" at the place where you installed the WebEditor version 5.15.02.

i.e.: C:\Program Files\Saia-Burgess\PG5_20\Web Editor 5_15_02 

The minimum required versions are:

  • PG5 2.0.210 and later (PG5 1.4 is not supported) 
  • PCD firmware: 1.16.45
  • FBox Library: 2.6.164
  • S-WebEditor version: 5.15.02
  • CE and XP MicroBrowser: min.
  • VGA and SVGA MicroBrowser Panel: 1.18.28

Please also respect the PCD hardware dependency; a recent PCD3 firmware version that is required (see firmware download page). The "Alarming 2" feature is only supported on Saia PCD® COSinus PLCs (PCD1.M2, PCD2.M5, PCD3 but not on PCD2.M480).



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