Can I initiate a reload of a S-Web project on a MB Panel (PCD7.D4xxx) without touching the MB Panel?

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In some cases it is necessary to re-load a Web Project project on a PCD7.D4xxx MB Panel (e.g. if the project stored on the PCD has been modified). This can of course be done by powering off and on the PCD7.D4xxx, or it can be realized by writing in to a specific container " uBT_Reboot "

In some cases it is necessary to re-load a Web Project project on an MB Panel (e.g. if the project stored on the PCD has been modified). This can of course be done by powering off and on the PCD7.D4xx, but in this case someone need to be present to manually do so. Alternatively there is the possibility to initiate a reboot (which causes a reload of the proced) by writing the container "uBT_Reboot" to value "1".

Attached to this FAQ you can find an example for PG5 2.0.210 which contains a small Fupla file together with a small S-Web Editor project.

  • In this project it is possible to restart the MB Panel directly (with a button to write the container uBT_Reboot to "1")
  • Alternatively it is possible to write a PPO (Timer) with a button to the value of 10 seconds. The binary state of this timer is copied in the Fupla file to a flag, and this Flag is copied to the container uBT_Reboot with the macro "Write source to destination (on repaint)" which is located on the same page.
  • If in the Fupla program the same timer (Web.Roboot_Timer) is written to a value of around 10 seconds, the reboot will take place witout someone touching the MB Panel (given the macro "Write source to destination (on repaint)" is executed on the panel).

Firmware and hardware requirements
It is possible to use the container uBT_Reboot since the hardware version C of the MB-Panel.
In order to use the container uBT_Reboot for rebooting the MB Panel the following minimal firmware is required:

 MB Panel version  Minimal firmware  Remarks 
 PCD7.D4xxD (SVGA)  1.18.12  -
 PCD7.D4xxV (VGA) 1.18.28  first internal firmware version: 1.18.12
 PCD7.D4xx_ (QVGA)  not supported 

Screenshot for example project


1.- Since FW version 1.22.xx due to the internet security the remote access to the panel is on OFF mode.
2.- The only panels where it is possible to re-activate such remote access are : PCD7.D412DTPx and PCD7.D4xxxT5F. All the others (a part from someOEMs) do not allow any access at all.
3.- The remote access can be reactivated by removing the parameter in the setup menu (MANUALLY) under System/Special/FTP Server/Remove default user as "not checked" and for sure the parameter on/off "active".
4.- On the pWeb-Panel like PCD7.D4xxxT5F or PCD7.D443WT5R, the uBT_Reboot instruction does write all PCD medias like register, flag, DB, timer and counter to 0.
To avoid the writing to 0 of all PCD medias to 0, use the attached Webeditor-8 template in your Webeditor-8 project.

The template ‘Reload new project’ can be used on all Web-Panels with FW 1.22.xx or newer:

To use the template just import the template Reload new project.xtml (attached to this FAQ) in the Webeditor8 libraries and place the template on the web-page on which the reboot should be performed.

Description of the webeditor8 template ‘Reload new project’
The template reload a new downloaded web application on the HMI device.
Use the property dialog of the template to configure.
Parameter ‘Reload project if 1’: If the selected Variable (INT/PCD) is set to “1” the function is executed.
Parameter ‘Jump to URL’: Name of the html file used for the application if known, if not you can let it empty. In case it is empty, the default configured start page on the device will get loaded.
After successfully execution, the variable defined at Reload project will be set to “0”
The template does replace uBT_Reboot instruction but will not clear the medias of the pWeb Panels.



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