Why is the "Action Mode" "Broadcasted Action" not supported anymore in WebEditor version 5.15.02?

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The "Action Mode" "Broadcasted Action" never was supported by SBCs MicroBrowser Panels (PCD7.D4xx) and could be used only with the applet-based Browsers. In order to eliminate this incompatibility (different behaviour on different browsers) it was decided to limit the "ActionMode" to "Consumed Action" only.


What is the broadcast mode?
A S-Web Editor button is in some purposes too limited for executing mutiple action possibilities. To enhance this lack, programmers placed multiple buttons on top of each other. So, clicking the topmost button also executed the actions attached to all the buttons underneath. This behaviour was possible while using in the WebEditor the "Action Mode" "Broadcasted Action".

Why is it no longer available in the S-Web Editor 5.15.02?
This behaviour worked fine in all Applet-based Browsers. But was newer supported in any SBC MicroBrowser Webpanels. Therefore, to eliminate this incompatibility, SBC fixed the "Action Mode" in WebEditor version 5.15.02 and newer to "Consumed Action".

What to do?
If you want to continue programming using the "Action Mode" "Broadcast Mode" you have 1 possibility:

  • continue to program your project with WebEditor version 5.14.30 in mode "Broadcasted Action"

Otherwise, if you want to profit of the newest WebEditor features of version 5.15.02 and newer, you'll be constrained to use the "Action Mode" "Consumed Action". So,

  • modify your project structure to be compatible to "Consumed Action" mode or
  • replace your multi-action-buttons of your actual project with a special macro that emulates the multi action feature of your several buttons. Please contact the SBC support team to receive this macro.


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