Why do my "old" configurations files for the Ethernet protocols no longer work?

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The configuration of the PCD by storing (on a flash file system) the files "WebSocketConfig.txt", "FTPConfig.txt" etc... does no longer work once the configuraiton has been done by the Device Configurator.



Since firmware 1.14.23 it is possible to configure the Ethernet protocols directly in the Device Configurator.

As soon as the configuration of the device is set to "Firmware 1.14.xx or newer", the configuration will be downloaded via the Device Configurator. This configuration has a higher priority than the previous configurations files. So these previous files will not work.

In case you already have configured the PCD in the old way (e.g. with the WebSocketconfig.txt) and you would like to keep it that way even after a firmware upgrade, please select "Before the version 1.14.00" and download this configuration; this will cause the Device Configurator to delete its configuration files even if the firmware used on the PCD is newer than 1.14.00.

Please note that the configuraiton files for SNTP (from the pilot tests) are no longer compatible to the ones used for FW 1.14.xx and later. When using SNTP the usage of the Device Configurator is mandatory.



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