What does the error message "ERROR while generating Macro's Temp folder" in the WebEditor mean?

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When configuring in the WebEditor a macro, using the macro user interface, the error message "ERROR while generating Macro's Temp folder" appears. Why this?


You want to configure in the WebEditor a macro, that uses the new macro user interface, and following error message appears: "ERROR while generating Macro's Temp folder".

Possible reason:
The reason is always, that the folder with the name "MacroLibTempFiles" isn't present in your local WebEditor installation folder on your programming computer. This folder is needed to handle the macro dialogue user interface and isn't always installed by PG5. Especially not with the actual PG5 2.0.200 SP2.

Create the empty folder "MacroLibTempFiles" manually, directly in the root of your present WebEditor installation, like shown in the below picture.




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