Which MB Panel firmware does support the "Alarming 2" features of the S-WebEditor 5.15.02?

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With Service Pack 2 of PG5 2.0 (PG5 2.0.200) the S-WebEditor version 5.15.02 is installed. This Editor comes along with new alarming features (Alarming 2) like alarm lists with priorities and Event handling.


Firmware dependencies
All these new features are supported in browsers when using the IMasterSaia5_15_02.jar file. The actual official firmware version 1.12.17 for Micro Browser displays does not yet support these new Alarming features.
Therefore a firmware version 1.18.xx will be needed; this version is actually in preparation for begin of 2012.

This FAQ will be updated as soon as the according firmware is available.



Web Editor5

PCD7 / D4xx (MB Panel)

PG5 2.0

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