Why are the static symbols missing during a Fupla page import (in PG5 2.0 SP2)?

FAQ #101647

When you try to import a previously exported Fupla page in PG5 2.0.200 then the static symbols aren't shown in the Symbol list window of the import dialog.


When you export pages that contain static symbols (FBox-symbols) there is a problem importing the pages back to Fupla.
In the "Import Window" in the tab "Symbol List" the static symbols aren't shown. When you import the page anyway, the symbols are imported correctly into the Fupla Page as long as no indexing shold be done. The problem is that the symbols cannot be modified during the page import.

The problem happens because of a bug in the import module of PG5 2.0.200.

Please use the following workaround to make the symbols visible again:

  1. Go to the "General" tab of the "Import" window and activate the checkbox "Set internal variables to system defined".
  2. Deactivate this checkbox again
  3. Now the symbols are there and can be modified.

Note that this procedure has to be done for each page (*.fxp) or template import.

This FAQ will be updated as soon as a patch is available.



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