Why is the "select" button missing in the "Macro Find/Replace" dialog?

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With the Web Editor version 5.15.02 (installed together with PG5 2.0 SP2; PG5 2.0.200) the button "Select" is missing when using the dialog "Replace" to select a group name for the macro Find/Replace feature.


The Macro Find/Replace itself does work but the button to select a group name is missing:

This is a bug of the S-Web Editor 5.15.02 which is distributed with PG5 2.0.200. It is corrected with PG5 2.0.210.

Please install PG5 2.0.210 which contains a correctio of the S-Web Editor.
In case it is not possible to install the new version, the following workaround can be applied:
Before clicking the button, select a PPO from the list below (it is important it is a PPO and not e.g. an HTML tag):



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