Why can't I import a Fupla *.fxp-file in PG5 2.0.200 (SP2)?

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A fupla file generated from the contect menu of the Fupla page navigator, the content of this *.fxp file is empty and leads to a blocked Fupla Editor when trying to import it.


Nothing happens when trying to import an *.fxp file in Fupla via "Page" -> "Import..." or directly in the "Page Navigator" with the right mouse button and "Import Pages …".  No pop-up window appears and you cannot click on any element of the Fupla Editor. The only way to get out of this situation is to kill the Fupla-Task.
This only happens if the previously created *.fxp-file was created by the use of the "Export page" from the context menu of the "Page navigator" 

The *.fxp-file you wanted to import into Fupla is corrupted and was previously not saved in a valid format. This issue in *.fxp-files generation can occur if you export your Fupla pages the following way:
Right-mouse click in the "Page Navigator" on the COB you want to export and choose "Export Pages …". This will generate an invalid *.fxp-file using PG5 2.0 SP2 (PG5 2.0.200).

Until a patch is available the following work-around can be applied:

  • Left mouse button click in the "Page Navigator" on the desired COB.

  • Generate the *.fxp-file of the desired COB through “Page” -> “Export …”.
    This will create a *.fxp-file in a valid format that you’ll be able to re-import in a new project with the well-known procedure.

  • Import this file back to Fupla in another project.

This FAQ will be updated once a patch is available to generate the *.fxp files correctly from the context menu.



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