Why can't I store a Fupla file (and my PC claims that the disk is full)?

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Apparently the anit virus software "Avira Premium Security Suite" can lead to the fact that Fupla can no longer store a file (and instead the error "Error 46: Disk full" is displayed).


It is no longer possible to store a Fupla file and "Error 46: Disk full" is displayed (despite the fact that there is some space left on the disk).

This problem could be provoked by the current version of the anti-virus software "Avira Premium Security Suite".

Due to the fact that disabling the software does not solve the issue (the security suite needs to be uninstalled in order to be able to store the Fupla files again), it is recommended to configure Avira to allow the execution of the following PG5 tools. Therefore please configure the application filter from the security suite accordingly (in the Avira Guard menu "Expert mode" --> ProAktiv --> Application filter). Please add the follwing applications: 


  • SPM.exe (Project Manager)
  • SFup32.exe (Fupla Editor)
  • SGraph32.exe (Graftec Editor)

This FAQ is a translation from the original version in German, FAQ 101630.



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