Why are the values of some resources overwritten by the HMI Editor?

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The symbol editor allows the possibility to initialise ressources using the syntax :=100 (for a Register) in the column "Adress/Value" but when the CPU goes in RUN the register value is overwritten by a value initialisation in the HMI Editor!


In an earlier version of the HMI Editor it was possible to give an initial value to the resources using the following window (2x click on the symbol) in the HMI Editor. This value is written in the resource when the CPU goes in RUN!
Now it isn't any longer possible to modify those global symbol inside the HMI Editor because this practice prooved to be confusing and created more probelms than it solved.

In order to delete the HMI initialisation of the ressource in the HMI Editor the following work around is needed;

  • create a new HMI Editor file in another empty CPU
  • import the HMI Project into this new one; Menu (in the new HMI file): File/Import (click: select all + Ok)
  • open the window above in the Object Attribut / Ressource with 2 x click on the ressource
  • delete the initialisation, click: ok
  • save and compile the HMI file
  • import this modified HMI file into the original CPU; Menu: File/Import (click: select all + Ok)

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