New Licensing of Visi.Plus

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New Licensing in case of using Visi.Plus and DDC Suite

New Engineering Edition of Visi.Plus for free with PG5 2.0


New Licensing in case of using Visi.Plus and DDC Suite
In older price lists there was a point that if you are using Visi.Plus together with DDC Suite the licensed data points of Visi.Plus are multiplied by ten. This is no longer the case. To avoid confusion about how many data points really are licensed, this factor is no longer part of the price list anymore. In the new price list, the mentioned amount of data points licensed is directly the amount which can be shared with Visi.Plus.

New Engineering Edition of Visi.Plus
When ordering a new PG5 2.0 License Key, there is a free Engineering Edition of Visi.Plus included. This means that with every new license there is automatically an Engineering Edition included, when you want to profit from this feature and you already have a PG5 2.0 license you can order a new USER.KEY file in which the license for Visi.Plus will be included.

This is not an End User License, its purpose is to be used during engineering and for promotion at a customers site.



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