How can I program a PCD that is placed behind another PCDs Gateway?

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It's possible to get connected to and to program a PCD that is placed behind a Gateway of another PCD. There are some Device-, Timeout- and Connection-Settings to be taken into consideration. This handling's best illustrated, just below, in a small example.


Let’s imagine to download the user program of a PCS1, placed behind a RS-485 Gateway configured on a PCD2.M150.

Local computer -->
 PGU cable --> PCD2.M150 through Gateway, Port #3 --> RS-485 cable --> PCS1, Port #3.

Download the below attached "Program a PCS1 behind a RS-485 Gateway of a PCD2.pdf" file to see the configuration printscreens.



PG5 2.0 / Serial-S-Bus

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