Why is it not possible to communicate over S-Bus with the S-Energy meter (ALD1/ALE3/AWD3)?

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Due to a firmware problem it isn't possible to use the following S-Bus addresses for the energy meter ALD1, ALE3 and AWD3:

107, 153, 226 and 238.


If one of the addresses 107, 153, 226 and 238 is used, the energy meter does not answer to any request of the S-Bus master. Further on it is no longer possible to change the S-Bus addresses of the S-Energy Meter.

Due to an error in the firmware the S-Bus interface of the Energy Meter does no longer work after one of the above mentioned addresses has been configured. Further on it is not possible to change the address back to another address.

Please return the concerned device (which has configured one of the addresses 107, 153, 226 or 238) to the repair service of Saia-Burgess Controls AG, with the indication that the S-Bus address can no longer be modified.

This error was fixed since the following firmware versions (first delivered in November 2010):

ALE3 and AWD3:   firmware 1.6
ALD1:    firmware 1.1

The S-Energy meter with Modbus or MBus interface are not concerned.



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