Can I speed up PG5 2.0 by using an SSD drive?

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While using an SSD disk could improve the performance of PG5 2.0 (see remark below), we are in parallel working on increasing the performance of PG5 2.0 in general.


Remark concerning the usage of SSD disks
Our experience in the support team showed that exchanging the disk drive from the PC by an SSD drive does significantly improve the performance of PG5 2.0 (After replacing the HD by an SSD, opening files with PG5 2.0 is around 3 times faster). 
Unfortunately we also experienced several (3 out of 20 within 6 months) failures of SSDs. In case you intend to exchange your HDD by an SSD, it is strongly recommended to work on a backup strategy to avoid data loss in case of an SSD failure.



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