What does the message "Some views needs to be saved in a teq format newer as the 5.13 release" mean?

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Wenn building an S-Web Editor project this message may appear in case at least one macro used in this project is more recent than the onces from the S-Web Editor 5.13!


The following message is shown on each build of the S-Web Editor project:

This message indicates that during the build of the project the "Teq format" is converted to an old version (the original files remain, but the files copied to the "html" folder are modified to the old format). This is only necessary in case the project shall be displayed with an older Micro Browser runtime.
In detail the option "Force Teq Files Saving as 5_13 Format" is only required in case the project shall be displayed on one of the following hardware/firmware combination:

  • PCD7.D4xx (QVGA) MB Panel with firmware older than 1.10.45
  • PCD7.D4xxV (VGA) MB Panel with firmware older than 1.01.04
  • WinCE panel (PCD7.D5xxx) with a uBrowser version older than
  • Win Mobile uBrowser version older than

In case one of these versions is used (and it is not possible to update the firmware or uBrowser version), please select the following checkbox in the S-Web Editor menu "Project" --> "Project configuration...":

In case the firmware or uBrowser versions are up-to date, just unselect the above checkbox in order to get rid of the message indicated at the beginning of the FAQ.



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