What does the EnOcean function "live check" exactly do?

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Even if the FBoxes are called "bidirectional" EnOcean, the communication is always unidirectional. "Bidirectional" only means that the device is also able to send data. Therefore it's not possible to actively query a device, for example the one from a window contact.


For that reason some devices re-transmit the last telegram after a specific time (some kind of "alive"-telegram). By this telegram the FBox can indicate that the device is still available (or that it is no longer available, if there is no telegram received within the specified time).

In the interface FBox can be setup a "LifeCheck turn around". In this specified time a retransmission of a telegram from the remote device is expected. If there's no reception, the specific FBox of the device indicates "Offline". £

Choose this "LifeCheck turn around" two times longer than the device-defined retransmission time (which can be found in the specification notes of the device).



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