Why does the SMS transmission on a PCD3 WAC sometimes fail?

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In some special cases it can happen that suddenly it's no longer possible to transmit SMS messages from a PCD3 WAC (PCD3.M2230A4T5 or PCD3.M2330A4T5).

This problem only occurs on PCD3 WAC with GSM modem and with HW version smaller than B and was fixed with the HW version B (and higher).


To solve the problem there exist two possibilities:

  • Use the hardware reset of the GMS modem after each sending of SMS or if the transmission of an
    SMS message fails.
    The flag for resetting the modem is mapped to the IO.DigitalOutput7 of the device configurator of PG5 2.0 (see below).
  • Use a PCD3 WAC with HW version B or higher.


  • To ensure a high availability of the PCD3 WAC on the GSM/GPRS network, it is strongly recommend to reset the GSM modem regularly (e.g. once at day as done also from other GSM/GPRS modem supplier).
  • The reset of the GSM modem could be performed by setting the Flag which is mapped to the IO.DigitalOutput7 of the device configurator of PG5 2.0.
    To use this reset function at least the I/O board FW 1.00.11 is required (all PCD3 WAC deliverd after July 2010 do have this or a more recent I/O board firmware).
    In case you have a pilot version (e.g. hardware version A), please ask your local sales representative for the I/O board FW 1.00.11 or later.
  • Make sure that the modem is not used by the programmed application if the reset of the GSM modem is performed.


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