Using a PCD3.A860 on a RIO

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When using a PCD3.A860 on a remote I/O station some points needs to be considered.


With the Profibus RIO PCD3.T760 the Blinds/Lightning module can be used. In the Fupla program the FBox with the ending “_RIO” is to be used. These FBoxes configure the module and control the in/outputs when communicating over Profibus. 

Is not to be used with a PCD3.A860. The Ethernet RIO PCD3.T660 is, because of his I/O mapping not able to control Blinds/Lightning module. 

With a SmartRIO PCD3.T665/T666 the program for the module PCD3.A860 can be written directly on the remote I/O station. Therefore the FBoxes PCD3.A860 without the ending “_RIO” are to be used. If the system communicates via Ethernet these RIOs are to be used.



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