Why do I have to press hard on the touch screen of the 10" VGA MB Panel?

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With firmware 1.12.11 for the 10" VGA MB Panels the touch screen sensitivity has been configured rather insensitive. This configuration has been improved with firmware 1.18.28 (while already the version 1.12.17 has improved the sensitivity in a first step).


The touch screen of the 10" VGA MB Panel (PCD7.D410V) is rather insensitive and one must press hard to make a selection on the screen.

The sensitivity of the touch screen of the 10" MB Panels PCD7.D410V has been configured rather insensitive in the firmware.

Please update the firmware of the MB Panel to verson 1.18.28 which has a better configuration for the touch screen sensitivity.



PCD7 / D4xx (MB Panel)

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