Why does the FBox for the AWD3 display a wrong current in case a current transformer is used?

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In case a current transformator and a transfomer ration other than 1 (5:5) is used for measuring the energy with an AWD3 (with Serial-S-Bus interface) the FBox from the library 2.6.156 or older do not correctly display the current.


The current displayed in the FBox is not correct if a current transformator is used for measuring the energy with an AWD3 (with Serial-S-Bus interface). Instead of e.g. 50 Ampere, 5.0 Ampere are displayed.
In case a transformer ratio other than 1 is used the AWD does send the current as [Ampere] (if the tratio is 1:1 the current is in the format x.x Ampere.
The FBox library version 2.6.156 (or 2.5.156 for PG5 1.4) and older do not consider this difference.

This problem will be corrected in the next FBox library version. 



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