What is the signification of the PG5 assembling message "Error 1096: DBX initialization data too big"?

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On a build of a Profibus-DP or Profi-S-IO configuration file which contains a DP or S-I/O slave which has a huge configuration (more than 255 Byte) then this error message is shown.


The PG5 project can not be built; the error message which leads to a failure of a build is:
Error 1096: DBX initialization data too big

The maximum size of the data mapping or the configuration of a Profibus-DP or S-IO Slave is 255 bytes.
If the data to configure a slave is more than 255 bytes the error message "Error 1096: DBX initialization data too big" is shown after the assembling of the *.sio or *.dp file.

To solve the problem please decrease the number of installed modules on the concerned slave.
To know which slave is concerned have a look at at the listing file of the Profibus-DP (*.dp) or Profi-S-IO (*.sio) configurator with a text editor. Maybe you have to enable the creation of listing files beforehand (in the PG5 Project Manager menu "Options" --> "Build" --> "Create listing files").
In this listing file search the error message (or hit the F4 key) and three lines above the error message you can see the name of the concerned DP or S-IO slave.

Example of the listing file for the Slave 3:

0-1042                                                  ;Slave 3
0-1043                                                  @1:4            ;type
0-1044                                                  @1:272          ;size
**** Error 1096: Profibus Network.src: Line 1044: DBX initialization data too big



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