Spare "accu blocks" for PCD7.Rxxx memory modules (used in PCD4.M110 / PCD4.M125 / PCD4.M145 / PCD4.M4xx and PCD6.M540 CPU's)

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On September 2014 the black accumulator block ( 4 507 1360 0 ) was not anymore available in stock.

The accumulator bloc was also used on certain types of PCA1 and PCA2.


The device was still available on the webpage of Distrelec.


The accumulator is from Varta, type mempac 55611 702 012. Attached there is the datasheet. Sources in 2010 are for instance

  • Distrelec Art. 972626
  • Farnell Art. 4343712


The original pin lenght is 6mm, the ones sold by SBC were modified in production and the pins were cut to 3mm. When buying accumulators from another source the pins have to be cut by the customers.

Be aware that the PCD4.M170 is not equipped with the accu bloc. For this CPU a 3V Lithium battery Renata CR2032 <font size="2"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif">(4 507 4817 0) is required</font></font>





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