What are the replacement possibilities for the CXE312 and CXE322?

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The multifunctional pre-selection counters CXE312 and CXE322 was phased-out starting by the end of August 2010.


Instead of the counters CXE312 and CXE322 the multifunctional pre-selection counters CXQ312 and CXQ322 can be used. These counters have the same functions as the CXE and even some additional ones like:

  • 60 kHz counting instead of 10 kHz
  • LED Look and multicolour
  • Extended counting modes
  • Factors and dividers
  • Moving average

The dimensions of the CXE and the CXQ are identical, except of the length of the CXQ which is 5mm longer. Compared to the CXE, the CXQ has a more comfortable user interface because a button is available for each decade (and not only 4 cursor buttons as on the CXE).

Picture of a CXQ

Comparison of features between CXE and CXQ



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