How can a BACnet Operator Workstation (B-OWS) know that a PCD has been restarted?

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There's the possibility to configure a "Restart Notification Recipient" list in the BACnet configurator.


You have to add manually the address of the BACnet device you want to alarm in case of restart of the local PLC. This address is added in the “Restart Notification Recipients” list as shown in the below attached picture. With this setting the PCD will inform the BOW after a restart.
Please makte sure that the device you want to alarm supports this Restart Notification (available since standard 135-2004 addendum b).

There's a parameter in the BACnet telegram (list of values -> propertyValue -> last-restart-reason) that indicates the restart reason. It's "1" for a cold start (power on the PLC) and "2" for a warm start (restart after progrm download).
It is possible to enter BACnet device ID's or adresses. Take care that if you enter a recipient based on a adress, the MAC-Adress is atually the IP Adress of the recipient.


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