Why is Fupla from PG5 2.0.110 not working?

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If a Fupla file is opened (with PG5 2.0.110 and patch 5), Fupla crashes.


If a Fupla file is opened, Fupla crashes. Even by creating a new/empty Fupla file, Fupla crashes. This problem can occur if the "My Documents" folder (or other user-specific folders) of the concerned PC is configured to be on a server (which probably does not run Windows).

While PG5 is retreiving e.g. the path to the "My documents" the returned value contains characters (e.g. back slashes) which are not expected by PG5.

Please install PG5 2.0.150 (PG5 2.0 SP1) which corrects this problem.




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