If a Modem is configured on port 2 of the PCD2.M5540 or PCD2.M1xx an error appears during the build

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Note that a Modem in PGU mode needs always a full RS 232 port.


A Modem in PGU mode needs always a full RS 232 port. If you want to connect the modem to the port 2 of a PCD2 you will need a PCD7.F121 (for the PCD2.M5540) or a PCD2.F522 full RS 232 (for the PCD2.M1xx).
If you configure the modem in the Hardware Settings / Device Configurator on port 2 it works well. In case you are using a Modem Driver 18 additionally you have to select the mode S-Bus PGU and the handshake has to be "Full". With "Default" handshake the following error appears:

Stanby mode OFF must be selected if reduced handshake is used (port 2).

Fatal Error 1320: Untitled3.fbd: Line 89: Caused by Modem Driver.

This error appears if the handshake is not selected as full.

Change this setting and the error disappears.



PG5 2.0 / Modem

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