Can the in- and on-wall mounting kits (5.7") be used for QVGA and VGA MB Panels?

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Yes, the in-wall (PCD7.D457-IWS) and on-wall mounting kits (PCD7.D457-OWS) can hold a QVGA or a VGA 5.7" MB Panel (so any PCD7.D457x MB Panel). However, please read this FAQ carefully in case you plan to use the in- or on-wall mounting kit for a QVGA MB Panel.


Points to be onsidered when using the QVGA MP Panel with an in- or on-wall mounting kit

  • Please note that it won't be possible entering the setup menu of a QVGA MB Panel when it is inside a mounting kit. The reason is that for entering the setup menu, the panel needs to be restarted (powered on) and it is not possible to access the power connector of the panel if it is inside a mounting kit.
  • For updating the firmware of the QVGA MB Panel an S-Bus USB connection is required. As it is not possible to plug in the USB plug while the MB Panel is inside a mounting kit, it is not possible updating the firmware unless the MB Panel is removed from the mounting kit.

These points do not apply for the VGA MB Panels PCD7.D457V (there the setup menu can be entered by holding the touch panel over several seconds, and the firmware update can be done over Ethernet).



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