AWD3/ALE3/ALD1 energy meter with serial interface (for example S-Bus): What happens if the direction of the current is inverted (from Lx output to Lx input)?

FAQ #101406

If the current direction is inverted, for example if a PV installation does supply back the current, then the active power and the cosine Phi of the concerned phase on the AWD3/ALE3/ALD1 will have a negative sign.

The current is always displayed without sign (positive).


Behavior of the kWh counter:

In case of a non-bidirectional meter, the meter will display an error on the concerned phase and will not increment nor decrement the kWh counter with the measured power.

In case of a bidirectional meter, the meter will not display an error and will increment the corresponding kWh counter with the measured power.




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