Why is my gif not displayed correctly on the MB panel?

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A S-Web Editor project can be displayed in two resolutions (using the autoscaling feature). In case the original size is downscaled it is possible that some gif files are not displayed properly (or at all) on VGA MB panels. QVGA MB Panels do not support the autoscaling feature.


On a PC with a usual web browser the page is displayed correctly. On the VGA MB panel (PCD7.D4xxV) some gifs are missing. The project was created and afterwards the scaling functionality was used for downscaling to the VGA resolution 640 x 480.

If a gif has a bigger size than the maximal resolution of the VGA panel (640 x 480) the panel cannot display the gif picture. The VGA MB panel is not able to scale it down if the original gif is bigger than 640 x 480 (per example 800 x 50).

Store the *.gif in a size not bigger than 640 x 480. To avoid such problems it is recommended to use the scaling feature only as up-scaling for S-Web Editor projects/pages.

Additional information: How to find the reason for such a problem?
If a gif is not properly displayed and you don't know the reason you can connect to the panel over FTP. In the folder UBT_FS a file LOG.txt is available. On the last lines of this file you can find the reason for the problem (with firmware version 1.12.11 or later).
"nGif, not valid GIF: Too large image size: name_of_the_gif.gif"



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