Why does the S-Bus gateway no longer work after some time?

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With firmware 1.08.21 of the PCD2.M480 the gateway could get blocked in some specific cases.


The S-Bus gateway of a PCD2.M480 blocks after several hours to even months of correct functionality.

In case the timeout which is configured on the S-Bus master which accesses the slave port of the PCD2.M480 (e.g. the PC running PG5) is configured to a time which is very near of the timeout which is configured on the master gateway port on the PCD, it was possible with the firmware 1.08.21 that the gateway buffers could get blocked. This could lead to the situation that the gateway functionality got blocked.
In case the timeouts are correctly configured (which means that the timeout on the PC is several times higher than the one configured on the gateway master port) this problem could not be observed.

In order to avoid a blocked gateway port, please update the firmware to version 1.08.53 or later.
Additionally it is strongly recommended to correctly configure the timeouts (on the gateway master port and of course also on the master accessing the gateway slave port(s)).



PCD2 / M48x

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