What are the differences between firmware 1.08.52 and 1.10.60 of the QVGA MB Panel?

FAQ #101389

From May 2009 to April 2010 the QVGA MB Panels PCD7.D4xx have been delivered with firmware version 1.08.52.

This FAQ lists the main changes which have been implemented in the firmware 1.10.45 and 1.10.60 compared to version 1.08.52.


Corrections in 1.10.60 (December 2010)

  • On the B&W version (PCD7.D457BTCF) the backlight sporadically did not work with firmware 1.10.45, see FAQ 101532

New Features in version 1.10.45 (April 2010)

  • Compatibility with S-Web Editor version 5.14.27
    o Moving painter objects (the position X/Y can be given in a PPO)
    o Rotation for polygon painter objects
    o Tachometer macro
    o Support of teq file format f and g
    o Improved access to passwords and user levels
    o Improved possibilities for copying between containers and PPOs

Corrections in 1.10.45

  • The outline of GIFs has not been placed correctly
  • Oversized texts were shown in painters containing texts 

Restrictions of the QVGA MB Panels (including version 1.10.45 and 1.10.60)

  • Online trends are not supported (the date/time is not displayed correctly)
  • HDLog to File is not supported
  • Autoscaling is not supported
  • Transparent GIFs are not supported


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