Incompatibility of PCD7.F121 with PCD2.F2xxx / PCD3.F2xx

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Due to the different electric properties of the RS232 driver mounted on the PCD7.F121 produced between June 2009 and September 10 2009, these modules do not work at all or not correctly when mounted on a PCD2.F2xxx or a PCD3.F2xx.

The reason for the different electrical properties is that the driver is delivered by a new manufacturer. We did not notice this malfunction in our production because the F2xx modules are delivered separately from the PCD7.F1xx modules, as they are mounted afterwards by the customer.


Identification of concerned PCD7.F121

PCD7.F121 applied on PCD2.F2xxx and PCD3.F2xx which were delivered between June and 10th of September 2009 (production date 0923 to 0936). These modules are equipped with ICs from manufacturer Sipex and have hardware version B without modification 1.

Not concerned products

• Any PCD7.F121 not applied in PCD2.F2xxx or PCD3.F2xx

• PCD7.F121 with production date before 0923 (generally equipped with an IC from the manufacturer Max)

• PCD7.F121 delivered after 10th of September2009, equipped with IC from Max or Sipex but with version B1

If you have concernde moduls, contact your local representation to exchange them.


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