Why does PG5 2.0 only accept comments with less than 80 characters?

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In PG5 1.4 comments with more than 80 characters where possible, but PG5 2.0.110 does not accept these comments any more.


A project was imported from PG5 1.4 into PG5 2.0. When saving the global.sy5 file the following error message appears:
symbol table contains error
do you want to continue anyway?

This problem can be related to a symbol comment which contains more than 80 characters. In PG5 1.4 it was possible to define comments with more than 80 characters. PG5 2.0.110 is only accepting comments with up to 80 characters.

This problem is eliminated in the Service Pack 1 for of PG5 2.0 (PG5 2.0.150).
In case it is not possible updating PG5 2.0 the only solution to avoid this error message is to reduce your symbol comments to 80 characters or less.



PG5 2.0

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