Why can't I build a CAN Fupla in PG5 after it has been imported from PG5 1.4?

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Due to an error of the CAN FBox library 2.6.100 an imported project (written in PG5 1.4) can not be compiled in PG5 2.0.110.


After a PG5 1.4 project containing CAN FBoxes has been imported to PG5 2.0.110 it is not possible to build the project. The build fails with the error message:

Compiling: CanTxRx.fup
S-FUP: Error 3099: CanTxRx.fup: Page 1(32,6-1[]): File not found 'Family 'CAN BASIC SERVICES' - Library is propably not installed'
Fatal Error: CanTxRx.fup: Compile failed

The reason for this build failure is an error in the FBox library 2.6.100 (SfupCan_V26100.saiazip) which is installed with PG5 2.0.110.

The problem can be solved by installing the FBox library 2.6.101 which is available on the support site (see link below).

As quick work around instead of installing the FBox library 2.6.101 it is also possible to open the Fupla file and move the FBoxes by some millimeters. After this has been done, the Fupla can be built (but this operatio has to be re-done after the library version 2.6.101 has been installed).



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