HDLog feature and error message: Can't open $INCLUDE file: FileSysMac.lib

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To implement the HDLog feature you'll have to respect some minimal mandatory versions of PG5 library and PCD firmware


On build of the PG5 1.4 project (implementing the HDLog feature) an error message in the following style is shown:
Fatal Error 12: C:\Programme\SAIA-Burgess\PG5 1_4\Libs\App\HDLOG.lib: Line 40: Can't open $INCLUDE file: FileSysMac.lib

The FBox libraries are most likely not compatible. In order to be able to build your project, please update the FileSystem FBox library of your PG5 1.4 for that they are compatible with the HDLog FBoxes.
Minimal FBox library versions (which supports the HDLog to File feature):

  • HDLog FBox library 2.1.030 or newer
  • FileSystem library $2.5.307 (PG5 1.4) 2.6.100 (PG5 2.0) or newer
  • PCD Firmware 1.10.16 (but we recommend 1.10.28 or newer in order to profit from the most recent features in the file system)


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